Four Nations, One Vision

Staff Directory


Photo of Daryl Lynn Nepoose

Daryl Lynn Nepoose


Phone: 780-585-4449

Photo of Jennifer Conroy

Jennifer Conroy

Assistant Principal

Photo of Ed Gillis

Ed Gillis

Assistant Principal

Photo of Kashina Swampy

Kashina Swampy

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 7805854449

Photo of Tasha Crane

Tasha Crane

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 780-585-4449

Student Services

Photo of Erika Cissel

Erika Cissel


Photo of Anoo Johal

Anoo Johal

Inclusive Education Coordinator

Photo of Verna Littlepoplar

Verna Littlepoplar


Photo of Sajan Sandhu

Sajan Sandhu


Photo of Dale Simon

Dale Simon

Cultural Advisor

Photo of Randal Whitford

Randal Whitford

Home Liasion


Photo of Delwiliah Brown

Delwiliah Brown

Social Studies

Photo of Yvonne Buffalo

Yvonne Buffalo

Nehiyawewin and Indigenous Studies

Photo of Shayla Corra

Shayla Corra


Photo of Vanessa Corrigall

Vanessa Corrigall

Art, Psychology, Design and Communications Technology

Photo of Johnathan Crier

Johnathan Crier

Photo of Christian Epp

Christian Epp

Science and CALM

Photo of Todd Gallais

Todd Gallais

Learning Commons and Work Experience

placeholder image for Jennifer Langford

Jennifer Langford

Leadership, Drama, Sports Performance

Photo of Dave Langford

Dave Langford


placeholder image for Kevin Larsen

Kevin Larsen


Photo of Crystal Ozment

Crystal Ozment


Photo of Sam Patterson

Sam Patterson

Math and Science

Photo of Jacqueline Pietsch

Jacqueline Pietsch


Photo of Donna Rain

Donna Rain


Photo of Xander Rampersaud-Chick

Xander Rampersaud-Chick

Foods and Sports Performance

Photo of Jaqueline Short

Jaqueline Short


Photo of Robin Smerdon

Robin Smerdon

Social Studies and English

Photo of Garvey Soosay

Garvey Soosay

Music and Wild Life

Photo of Michael Swampy

Michael Swampy

Physical Education and Social Studies

Photo of Adam Tresoor

Adam Tresoor

Social Studies, Hockey Academy and Physical Education

Photo of Natalie Verstichelen

Natalie Verstichelen

Photo of Jed Wagner

Jed Wagner

Social Studies

Photo of Toni Warrior

Toni Warrior

Math and Physical Education

placeholder image for Kristie Warwara

Kristie Warwara


Photo of Debbie Wilson

Debbie Wilson

Science and Physical Education

Photo of Tenesha Wilson-Smith

Tenesha Wilson-Smith


Support Staff

Photo of Terrance Crier

Terrance Crier

Education Assistant

Photo of Parnelli Cutknife

Parnelli Cutknife

Nehiyawewin Assistant

Photo of Jade Dedio

Jade Dedio

Education Assistant

Photo of Sandy Lee

Sandy Lee

placeholder image for Wind Young

Wind Young

Education Assistant